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Includes a pack of 12 Standard Blades (Gundlach No. 12-WB) for the No. 005 Ward Handle (Gundlach No. 5). These specialized blades for sheetgoods ... Husky 0.009 in. Single Edge Blades Dispenser (100 ... - Home Depot Single Edge Blades Dispenser (100-Pack)-TE05-099THD - The Home Depot ...... within the good old USA a 100 count package of single bladed razor blades. ... when the blade is broken or dull, simply place it to the package in the bottom slot. The Best Electric Razor: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times ... Nov 7, 2017 ... We think the Braun Series 7 (model 760cc) is the best electric razor for most ... with a spinning blade underneath—doesn't shave as closely for most men. ... We say this knowing we're stepping into a decades-old battleground of loyalty, ...... Electronics · Home & Garden · Kitchen & Dining · Money · Travel ... How To Dispose Of Razor Blades (And Recycle Safety Razor Blades ...

Do you remember or still have the old med cabinet with

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Many people have opened up the walls of old houses only to have an avalanche of rusty old blades fall out. Fifty years ago, nearly every bathroom had a ...Did you know, that old homes (and possibly some newer ones?), have slots in the medicine cabinet that are designed to take razor blades?

Husky 0.009 in. Single Edge Blades Dispenser (100-Pack)-TE05 ... 0.009 in. Single Edge Blades Dispenser (100-Pack) ... the razor scrapers I keep with my house painting tools. ... dispenser for the old blade so don't drop the used ...

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TIL The answer to the medicine cabinet secret slot mystery. submitted 8 years ago by uologan. We just moved into an old house that was built in 1925. Upstairs there is an ancient scary looking ... Apparently back in the old days you would dispose of your old razor blades via the slit in the back of the medicine cabinet and they would just ... How many of you remember when medicine cabinets had a slot Aug 26, 2011 · I remember those slots from when I was a kid; I believe at least one house we lived in had one, but at any rate, I would see them occasionally. Without ever being interested enough to check, I kind of assumed that the blades collected in a bin somewhere which could be emptied if you had the secret of where to get to it. razor blade disposal slot « Misangela.com This is why I LOVE having an old house. We have a medicine cabinet from when the house was built in 1951: ca. 1951 medicine cabinet. When replacing the old medicine cabinet today, we found this in the wall: Yes, that would be razor blades. 2009 | Tags: medicine cabinet razor slot, out of sight out of mind, razor blade disposal slot, why is ... Blade disposal. How do you do it? - forum.shavemyface.com May 10, 2006 · My house (actually it belongs to the US Air Force, they just let me stay in it) still has the old metal medicine cabinets with the slot in the back for old blades, so that's what I do with mine. I really think when I finally buy my own house, I'll figure out to have the same sort of slot in the back of the medicine cabinet.