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Tom Ketchum and His Gang Texas cowhands-turned-outlaws Tom and Sam Ketchum, along with range pals like David Atkins and Will Carver, robbed trains and became notorious in the Southwest. Interview with Jack Ketchum Here’s our interview with author Jack Ketchum in the english version… Thrill&Kill: Your first novel was published in the USA in 1980, but your first translated book came out in Germany in 2006 (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR). Jack Ketchum | Joe Nazare In honor of the recent passing of Jack Ketchum, I would like to import this countdown (presented in a series of posts back in 2012) from my old Macabre Republic blog. Exactly What It Says on the Tin - TV Tropes

The story of Tom “Black Jack” Ketchem is one of those stories that seem too idiotic to be true (but it is).Tom was born the youngest child of Green Berry and Temperance Ketchum (there’s got to beHis father died when Tom was five and his mother by the time he was ten. Early on, Tom showed a... is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want Black Jack Ketchum – Page 2 - Legends of America Black Jack Ketchum was the only person ever hanged in Union County, New Mexico. He was also the only person who suffered capital punishment for the offence of “felonious assault upon a railway train” in the State of New Mexico. Later, the law was found to be unconstitutional, but way too late for Thomas Ketchum.

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It was April 26, 1901, when train robber Thomas Edward Ketchum, later known as Black Jack, was hanged in the town of Clayton. Ever since that fateful day, the sad, twisted tale of one of the last outlaws of the Wild West has captured the imagination of historians and Wild West enthusiasts alike.

Black Jack wasn’t with Sam and the gang when they did the deed, he was off someplace else off on his own fucking shit up.Now, you know that engineer has to be getting tired of this shit in general and the Ketchum boys in particular – I mean, robbed twice in as many months?

SML TV: Jack Ketchum, whose real name is Dallas Mayr, has died. The actor and writer, best-known for penning The Girl Next Door, passed away following a... The character of Black Jack Ketchum in The Worst Hard Time… Ketchum was later hanged for robbing a train. However, in a bizarre accident, the hanging rope decapitated him instead of snapping his spine at“This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as... The End of Black Jack Ketchum | Colorado Encyclopedia